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Determination of adultery

Adultery is no longer a punishable offence, but demonstrating the infidelity of your spouse can help within the framework of divorce proceedings. You can appeal to adultery on the part of your partner to demonstrate the irreparable disruption of the marriage.

We can carry out the necessary investigation activities, collect evidence and provide a detailed report that you can use as an exhibit in civil proceedings. We also work together with judicial officers to have the necessary legal findings made so that you have a strong case in court.

Proving infidelity does not have to be limited to the context of legal proceedings. You may suspect that your partner is unfaithful, and simply want to know for certain. Experience shows us that strong suspicions on the part of a client are often confirmed. We can handle the necessary shadowing for you and deliver proof with regard to your partner’s suspected infidelity. In addition, we respect your delicate situation and work very discreetly.