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Stopped payments and a leased car not being returned is a growing problem for leasing companies.

We have a network of detectives that work throughout the entire terrritory of Belgium which makes us flexible and able to guarantee swift interventions.

After we conclude a written agreement which includes a detailed description of the assigment and presents our rates and costs, we ask you to send us all relevant information on the case. We will then get into touch with the lessee as fast as possible and try to get him or her to turn in the lease car in mutual agreement.

If this is not possible, we will make the necessary arrangements to file a complaint with a power of attorney to have the car internationally marked as 'stolen'. In the meanwhile we will keep searching for the lease car.

At the end of each investigation, we provide you with a detailed final report containing the findings of our investigation, as well as all the evidence collected within the framework of the assignment. This report is compiled by legally licensed private investigators in accordance with current legislation and can contain valuable information for yourself and for your lawyer. In addition, both this report and the related evidence such as photographs and visual material can be submitted to a judge.